Top 3 Football Speed Training Myths

Gracious, the legends that encompass how to get quicker for football…they appear to never end. Perhaps it’s your cousins faltering football speed preparing speculations or what some weirdo let you know at the gym…but the entire damn thing just appears to be twisted…

Where the hellfire did we turn out badly with regards to football speed preparing? For what reason is it so confounded to answer the basic inquiry, “How would I get Faster for Football? When did it wind up worthy to go off the diligent work that involves preparing for football speed and supplant it with pseudo-hard cone drills and devices?

Football speed is about quality. How solid you are and how touchy you moved toward becoming in view of that quality is the thing that prompts getting quicker for football.

Football speed isn’t follow speed. Re-read that…Football Speed isn’t Track Speed. Getting quicker for football isn’t equivalent to getting quicker for track.

I’ve heard such huge numbers of track mentors state, “we work with them all off season and their run structure goes to damnation 2 weeks into the football season.” Yea, express gratitude toward God. The reason is that we kept running in an ideal straight line, in immaculate structure, in flawless conditions how frequently per amusement? Truly, consider that.

Possibly when a RB breaks a long one or when a WR gets a stage on a back…but other than that, the amusement is played in unpredictable spurts, hard cuts, plants and bounces, and, obviously, huge amounts of hitting.

Be that as it may, the fun doesn’t stop there. There is a whole industry set up to separate players and mentors from their cash by promising handy solutions, contrivances, and sustaining old fantasies about football speed preparing with the goal that you stay feeble, moderate and broke.

Time to take care of business and destroy a portion of these football speed preparing fantasies:

1. Agility Drills Improve Football Agility

Note how I stated that. Nimbleness drills do enhance your agility…in deftness drills. NOT on the football field.

Going through cones looks cool…it resembles one serious parcel of work is being done and it’s typically set up to be confused, along these lines enhancing it’s viability. Additionally, it’s generally promoted by huge organizations who pay models to go through cones wearing their over-evaluated spandex with the goal that it looks too innovative and inspires individuals to fork over the plunder.

Yet, on the grounds that somebody looks great accomplishing something doesn’t mean it’s extremely beneficial.

Help yourself out, take every one of the cones and cover them. After the earliest reference point stages they are useful for parallel stopping practice. Without a doubt, you can take a 14-year old player who’s never done anything athletic and see enhancement by having him crisscross through cones. Be that as it may, following a couple of months the arrival on interest in the method for getting quicker for football will be nil.

In the event that you need to enhance foot speed so you’re in reality quicker on the football field, attempt some Clean and Jerks or even the essential Jump Rope. Not provocative but rather compelling.

2. Lifting Heavy Slows You Down

This is the perhaps the most seasoned of all football speed preparing legends. I think it was begun long prior, in some HIT-Jedi cavern on Dagobah. The HIT-ers, Cross Fitters, and different other “quality is awful” enthusiasts fight that since the bar moves gradually while lifting max loads, the CNS will become familiar with this and transform you into a major, moderate, Gilbert Brown need to-be.

We as a whole realize that in the event that you apply max power to the bar, regardless of whether that sucker is moving moderate, the goal to move it rapidly will enhance both your quality and speed. You ought to dependably be applying most extreme power to the bar. Your preparation ought to be based on this idea. This is the manner by which you get quicker for football.

Presently, in the event that you seat 200lbs, and you strive for 205, it won’t fly up…it may even go moderate. But…the goal to move it rapidly is what matters. It prepares your sensory system (cerebrum) to be quick even with overwhelming loads.

It’s the equivalent for any sort of lifting, football related or simply endeavouring to get greater/more grounded. It likewise has to do with muscle fiber types, however that is a long and exhausting clarification.

Along these lines, you generally need to push/pull/squat the bar as hard as possible.

Or on the other hand, as Mel Siff said in Super Training:

To expand speed it is important to build the extent or term of the power connected (or both), or decline the mass of the body. In any case, for functional purposes, not these conceivable outcomes can be accomplished in human development. The competitor can’t diminish the mass of his body or a thing of standard athletic mechanical assembly, or increment the span of t (time) of a given development. Be that as it may, it is conceivable to expand the season of development of restricted plentifulness just by diminishing its speed, which is drivel. Thus, just a single response remains, to be specific to build quality. Greatest quality is the primary factor deciding pace of development!

3. You Need Gimmick Devices to Get Faster for Football

I’ll keep this one short on the grounds that else I’ll go into a fury.

You needn’t bother with a parachute except if you’re hopping from a plane. On the off chance that you need to wear “Quality Shoes” with the tremendous heel in the front, adjust them: put the heel in the back and claim to be a stripper since that is about the main use for a shoe with a 9″ hinder on the under it.

All these contrivance items are useful for moving, terrible for speed. They have practically no esteem. Particularly when contrasted with great antiquated hard lifting. Yet, tell a 15-year old sophomore that to enhance football speed he have to do ridiculous Box Squats and not run gallivanting around with a parachute on and you’ll see one baffled football player!